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12 Feb 2014 06:37

Soy isoflavones is a plant-derived estrogen, it has antioxidant capacity, are indispensable to women to maintain the luster and delicate skin type of food discount christian louboutin shoes. Soy products, tofu, soy milk (recommends no sugar) is the better choice, while other processed soy products, like tofu and doupi, and calories than most tofu is much higher. Traditional tofu 100 g calories 5,088 card, but the Japanese style fried doupi 385 calories, it's best not to eat.

Numerous scientific studies for the chocolate slate, confirming that it is a good food for good health christian louboutin lady peep, because chocolate contains a variety of rich antioxidants, such as cocoa polyphenols, flavonoids, moderate intake is good for skin. Currently in the market to buy, no added sugar and creamer 100% black cocoa, as long as the harmonic heat milk, add a little brown sugar, you can enjoy a nice mellow Cup of hot cocoa.

Red and dark green leafy vegetables, yellow fruits and vegetables such as carrots [depth read more], mangoes, tomatoes, papaya, water spinach, contain a lot of carotin, contribute to the antioxidant, skin resistance. However, these foods must not eat too much, otherwise it makes skin look "yellow".