Confident victory by Þórarinn and Taktur

18 Mar 2012 - 15:45
Eight year old son of Kraftur stole the scene

Þórarinn Eymundsson was a sure winner at the Stjörnutölt 2012 which was hosted in the Akureyri Skating Arena last night. Þórarinn received the fantastic score of 8.50 riding his horse Takturi frá Varmalæk, who is an eight year old son of Kraftur.  The tournament was a total success, many beautiful performances and the equitation was extremely refined and good, something that we horse people should rejoice over.
After the preliminary competition, both mares and stallions were presented. Many great horses appeared there. Although, the fact was that Magnús Bragi Magnússon showed fantastic performance riding his stallion Óskasteinn Frá Íbishóli, where he performed his show in the dark arena only with a spotlight and then decided to sing for the spectators. Thanks to you Magnús Bragi!
The finals were as follows:
1. Þórarinn Eymundsson og Taktur frá Varmalæk 8.50
2. Mette Mannseth og Lukka frá Kálfsstöðium 7.92
3. Sigurður Sigurðarson og Bláskjár frá Kjarri 7.88
4. Sölvi Sigurðarson og Óði Blesi frá Lundi 7.47
5. Anna Kristín Friðriksdóttir og Glaður frá Grund 7.33
In fact,  the finals were never in question as far as the first place concerns. Þórarinn was the profound winner right from the beginning leaving the other contenders behind. We would like to congratulate you Þórarinn for your victory!

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