Guðmar is a highly experienced exhibitor and here he is with great companions at the World Equestrian games in 2010.

Icelandic horse at the Appassionata grand show

13 Apr 2012 - 18:01
Increasing popularity of the swift footed horse in America - video

Icelandic horses will be a part of the grand Appassionata grand show which will be travelling to different places in the United States during the next eighteen months.  Appassionata grand show has received many awards and has been a popular family entertainment in Europe during the past few years.  For the first time, this show is now travelling around North America and Guðmar Þór Pétursson is the one who will be in charge of the Icelandic act.

Guðmar Þór is very experienced when it comes to shows of this kind, and has been in charge of shows with the Icelandic horse in the United States and is known by the name:  The Knights of Iceland and he has also been a very active spokesman of the Icelandic horse in this part of the world.

Guðmar has hired four riders by his side for this show; two of them coming from Iceland, which are Leó Hauksson and Aníta Margrét Aradóttir. Six Icelandic horses, four at each show, will then charm the American spectators of the Appassionata.  Show performances will be held, three days per week and they will travel to a total of 66 cities and a few thousand spectators are expected to be present at each show. So it is a true circus life which awaits Guðmar, Leó, Aníta and their four legged companions.

Guðmar Þór considers the participation in this show a great introduction for the Icelandic horse in the United States.  „Most people know that the Icelandic horse exists, but perhaps people do not know that much about him. Although export of the horse to the United States has not been increasing lately, the increase in the interest of the Icelandic horse is still significant because a total of twelve Icelandic horse tournaments are held in the United States each year. Also there is great increase in the service sector connected to the horse as well as the marketing and sales of tack and then there is increase in the number of Americans travelling to Iceland to go riding“ he says among other things at an interview with him in the local Icelandic newspaper Morgunblaðið, April 4th last. The media here as well as abroad has been paying great attention to the participation of the horse at this grand show, and it should be mentioned that Guðmar will be interviewed at a local television show in Iceland tonight, Friday.

Also, an interview with Guðmar Þór can be viewed here as well as an interview with the managing director of Appassionata where he is being interviewed at the “Whas 11” television station.

Attached is an introduction video of the show.


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